Travels with the Winnie: Days 33 & 34

Urulu to Desert Oak Rest Area (on the Stuart Highway)


We had filled the Winnie tank yesterday, so this morning we just had our water containers to fill. Stephen put some more coolant in and I put some water in the windscreen wiper container.

We had our last showers, then our usual breakfast of wheatbix, tea/coffee, yogurt, a shared piece of fruit, and muesli/wheat germ.

We stopped at the first roadhouse, but made our own cups of tea and fruit cake after filling up. We had lunch at the lovely rest area where we stayed on the way in.

We stopped again at the roadhouse at the junction of the highways, then on about 33 kms to a place called the Desert Oak Rest Area. We were late getting in, about 5.00 p.m. and there were lots of caravans and motorhomes already there. Still, we managed to find a spot. We put the awning out, with help from our neighbour, and I put my handwashed clothing out on the little line that I rig up from the awning strut to the hand grab near the door. It was still mostly quite wet.

It has been a beautiful, mild evening, with lots of people sitting about socialising and enjoying the beautiful colours.

We had drinks and nibbles and I finished the last of the Jack Daniels. More needed!

Despite the many neighbours this place is very peaceful. The drop toilets are clean, with soap and paper. There is also a water tank, we are not sure whether the water would be potable, but fortunately we don’t need it.

Desert Oaks Rest Area to Alice Springs

On our way here we stopped at the Finke River Bridge rest area for morning tea. We walked down to the riverbed on the fine sand which had a sparkle to it.

Finke River - some water
water in the Finke River
Finke River Rest Area
fine river sand
River bed
The Finke River

We have been driving through ranges of hills, but as we got closer to Alice the The MacDonnell Ranges are very much higher. There was no room for us at the caravan park we went to, and they recommended going to the recreation park where there were powered sites, with water taps, showers and toilets. Although people are linking up their caravans, the taps are meant to be shared and we will be able to fill up in the morning before we go.

We had showers, me a cold one in our bathroom and Stephen a warm one in the shower block.

I did some handwashing and we’ve been sitting outside for our drinks and nibbles for the first time on our trip.

a clean Stephen returning
a clean Stephen returns from the shower
Alice Springs - our campsite
our campsite at Alice Springs
a tree at our campsite
A tree and the ‘neighbourhood’


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