Travels with the Winnie: Day 92

Norseman to Widgiemooltha

We woke up to a cloudy, windy morning yesterday and stayed in bed for some time reading on our iPads. We decided to push onwards rather than have a rest day there. We wanted to cook up some mince and vegetables in the pressure cooker, for which we need electricity and had two possibilities in mind, Widgie or Coolgardie. By the time we arrived in Widgie it was lunchtime and the wind was still pretty strong. According to the forecast today will be less windy.

We stayed here on our way through to the east and rather like the odd little caravan park behind the roadhouse. There are cheerful young backpackers working here. We got our spot and hooked up the electricty, then went to the roadhouse to have soup.

The featured image shows examples of things we get up to in our ‘tiny house’ Winnebago.

We will be back in the city quite soon, so staying out of town was also an attraction of being here. We had enough of a phone signal to chat with Matt on Facetime.

fruit bowls refreshed (1 of 1).jpg
Sometimes we have all three levels with fruit, or we use one basket for our ‘stuff’, hat, scarf, mobile phone and glasses case.

We have planned three more overnight stops on our way home. Tonight (Monday) we will be at Boondi Rock and Dam, which is off the highway in a national park. Our neighbours here at the caravan park have just spent a night there and recommend it. The next night (Tuesday) will be at Burracopin Centenary Park Rest Area, and then Wednesday night at Meckering Memorial Park (where we stayed for our first night of the trip). That’s the plan and we will see if it works out. Of course, we could actually get home in two days, but we are not in a hurry. Stephen wants to be home for the 28th for a WASO choir rehearsal and we are well within that deadline.

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  1. Hiya, i have been looking up your location on google maps, every time you tell us where you are staying for the night. All the way from when you set off to now. I may not comment all the time, but it’s nice to know where you guys are. I must admit, I miss the open road with Ned when we travelled over to the eastern states in 1987. Avoiding the road kill and eagles, the friendly service station people and cold nights in the van. We travelled in June to July so the weather was good and only encountered rain in Victoria. We drove from Border town to Adelaide in one go, a 14 hour stretch and we’re very glad to see the lights of Adelaide; then hot showers, dinner then bed for 12 hours. We took turns driving, 2 hour shifts at the wheel, then a rest for the driver in the bed Jamie built. We stopped after 4hours for coffee and fruit or sandwiches. It was a grand holiday, one of the best we ever had.

    Love, Robs

  2. Yes, we had a time and money constraints when we went over to the eastern states. Two months away was great though.

  3. I had my birthday in a railway carriage accommodation where I found out bath salts did produce bubbles because the water was too hard 🙁 but it was a lovely birthday. We were near the wine area of South Australia at the time after coming from Victoria. We visited Sydney too so Ned could visit with an old animation friend from London who lived in the Blue Mounts. We visited Dave Dixon’s place in Melbourne, but he was in London at the time. We did a lot of touring around Victoria and visited Bendigo and Ballarat and the mounts around Melbourne to see if we could get up to the snow fields but we would have had to put on spikes on the tyres to do so. Ned decided to not go on the snow for that reason as it ruins the tyres even though the spikes were on the outside of the wheels 😀 Lots of memories…

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