South: Cranbrook to Wagin for the night, then on to Cuballing for lunch

Yesterday was a peaceful day of travelling. We had morning tea in Katanning in a coffee lounge. Katanning has some beautiful old buildings, but somehow the overall effect is messy and ugly. Very interesting, in fact. We stopped for lunch in the village of Broomhill, our usual cheese sandwich.

We spent the night at the Wagin Showgrounds. They have a section for travelling RVs, and we had power and water for $12.00. A local man came to look at our tires and ended up talking with Stephen for approximately an hour. He unlocked the toilets and a shower for us to use. We looked him up and he is a local farmer and preacher who has contributed hugely to his community and won many awards.

It was very humid with a possible storm threatening and we used the air conditioning for a while. For the first time we couldn’t sleep under the doona, and had to use the sheet. I got up at one stage and put the airconditioning on for a short time, then used our fantastic fan to bring in cool air from outside as well as our normal fan to circulate the air. There was no breeze at all.

We had a less spectacular sunset despite the storm clouds around.

This morning we made a slow start, having showers in the van and lingering over breakfast. We have someone organising our Pre choir tour travel in China, and trying to get the price down. We are not used to paying $200 per night for hotels and buying the most expensive train tickets. More negotiating to happen before we sign off.

We stopped at Highbury to use the toilets and confirmed that overnight stays are possible. It is very pretty and the toilets are clean.

We arrived in Cuballing at lunchtime and turned into a side street to have a look at the beautiful little pub. We’ve ended up having lunch here.

There are at least three other restored old buildings here. Following are some photos inside the pub, including the ladies toilet, which made me gasp when I first walked in, it was so different to what I was expecting.

The photos don’t do it justice.

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