Mt Chadulup: climbing up and falling down

We emptied the toilet cassette and filled up our water tank, then met with Marie, Geoff and Glenn at the cafe. I explored a little shop where I bought fresh bread made in Pemberton. Stephen and Geoff went to the museum, then Stephen went off on the sculputure walk which goes from the Tourist Information Centre.

We then headed out to Mt Chadulup with the intention of climbing up. First of all we had a picnic lunch, all in the van. Glenn has adopted the passenger seat as his, and we put both of the camping chairs inside for a comfortable ‘cafe’. We all had a little rest afterwards, led by the Hastings, of course, as it is our habit.

Marie and I thought we would go a short distance up the rock, but ended up going most of the way until we would have had to have scrambled over bare rock. We were high enough to have a view. The boys, of course, went the whole way and photos from the top were taken by Stephen on his iPhone.

three of us (1 of 1)

tree and rock (1 of 1)

The path was steep, with some gravel, compacted gravel and wooden walkways. It was fairly easy going, despite being steep in places. Going down, the loose gravel was very treacherous and I managed to slip and fell backwards, giving my head a thwack. Fortunately, I was well covered up in a hat, long sleeves and jeans. Geoff, concerned more for me than himself, managed to slip and fall a short time afterwards and suffered some grazing. I expect we will both have bruises in a day or so. Otherwise, we counted ourselves lucky to not get really hurt and continued down. Marie showed me how to walk at the edge of the path where the gravel finished and I managed the rest of it without mishap.

the path (1 of 1)

view from top2 (1 of 1)

view from the top (1 of 1)

We had a cup of tea back at the Cafe Winnie, then headed back to camp. Stephen and I moved to the Round Tu it caravan park where Marie and Geoff are staying. We have a bautiful spot amongst peppermints and next door to the toilets. We are fully rigged up, with running water as well as power, which feels luxurious.

In the evening we went to to the Northcliffe Workers Club for a meal. It took a while to be served, but worth it. Our roast chicken serves were more than we could eat, very tasty and tender. We were very tired on return to camp. We watched the ABC news on iview, as we have done a few times on this trip.

Our plan today is to head north today. Potters Gorge, a National Park camping area is roughly level with Bunbury and a beautiful place to camp. We had to book, and fortunately were able to get a spot for one night. Our plan will be to drive back to Perth tomorrow.

Geoff and I are reporting no problems with bruising so far and no pain, apart from the grazes.

Some animals living at the caravan park.

kangaroos (1 of 1)

alpaccas (1 of 1)

the pony (1 of 1)

our spot (1 of 1)
Our Winnie

She wasn’t the only Winnie at the caravan park, there was another one very similar on a Mercedes Sprinter van body.


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