Dulwich Village

Stephen has been reading about the villages of London, suburbs with individual character. We went on a bus journey two and fro through many narrow and winding roads, an amazing feat of driving by the driver, as we could see from our perch on the upper deck. We had a similar amazing journey home, and this time in very busy traffic.

Our first stop was at the Horniman Museum. Donated to the public by a very rich businessman, it is a rather interesting house with a large and lovely garden. The museum is housed in a new building at the back of the main house. It is a very popular place with parents and children, so rather busy and noisy.

After lunch at the museum cafe we had a short walk in the garden before going by bus to our next destination, the Dulwich Picture Garden. I objected to the $26 entry fee, so chose to sit in the garden in the shade and write my blog.

Then we walked through the nearby park to find our next destination. We noticed lots of children in hire bicycles where you lie on your back, but didn’t take photos because they were kids. We asked directions of an elderly man and enjoyed a brief discussion about life.

We were heading to a cafe mentioned in the guide, the Blue Brick Cafe. It was probably mentioned because of having vegan and vegetarian options, but also because in a place with many cafes it is unique. Not many tables inside and curiously no windows that actually open. We sat outside.

Last night I noticed a big splodge on some photos of the city skyline. I took the blower to the sensor and thought it was fixed. This morning I found that I had merely scattered the dust around the sensor, and had to keep trying, taking photos of the sky in between bouts, to get it actually clean.

Sensor with splodge. Using an HDR process in editing certainly enhanced it.
After lots of goes at cleaning the sensor.

I’ll have the sensor properly cleaned when we get back to Perth, but in the meantime I hope this will suffice. I’m not changing lenses, which can introduce dust, but the zoom lens going in and out can pull dirt inside. Strange that we have been on holiday all this time before it happened.

Today we have been resting, only going to our local park for afternoon tea. Stephen made friends with the woman who runs the kiosk when we’ve been here on other stays in Croydon, and hoped to see her today, but her daughter was there instead. She was diplomatic and said that her mother has mentioned us to her. We appreciated her kindness, whilst doubting it was actually the case.

That’s where we had afternoon tea and you can see that we are having another sunny day. It is forecast to be about 30 and sunny for the next couple of days. A last burst of summer.

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