Things are happening

But we are still feeling strange and have sleeping problems. Either waking up early or not able to sleep during the night.

We had the Subaru serviced yesterday and I had my chipped front tooth repaired on Thursday. Thank goodness for HBF which pays half my dental bills, even for something largely cosmetic. The car is in good health apparently, with a slight wearing of suspension which may need repair in the future. And I can smile without feeling self conscious. However, my philosophy was that probably other people didn’t notice.

We had our first time back at choir Thursday night. It was an unusually large turnout, about 10 people. The choir is still struggling with Solid Rock, never mind, we can just blend in with Voice Male when we are singing together. I don’t know why our choir director still thinks we can learn stuff like this. A committee meeting is being planned for next week and I will put forward that we no longer perform at concerts, just at events where our unique repertoire is important, such as the Harold Pedan Lecture which is coming up. For that, of course, we don’t need a choir director.

Still, I am looking forward to the Dunsborough Song Fest, just not to actually singing.

I haven’t taken any photos in the past couple of days and have been looking back at my photos of deer. The aura in this photo was created by the camera, I’m not sure how.

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