Saturday morning catchup

At our committee meeting on Thursday night we decided to do a survey of members to have some data on what people do and don’t like about attending choir practice. It was my task to work out how to use Survey Monkey. It isn’t intuitive, but the survey has just this morning been sent out to members. Our Chairperson wrote the questions and covering letter and our Secretary gave me the list of members. We have worked out some options for next year to take to the AGM.

Mum’s visit to the clinic at Royal Perth went off well enough, just some complaining at the end. I stayed with her whilst she had her meal on our return and she brightened up and ate most of her food. The reason I stayed was to do a handover with the RN. It was tiring, but felt satisfying to leave her looking happy and settled.

We went to Caravanland to look at the new campervan, which had arrived earlier than expected. I like it very much, though it isn ‘t quite as small as I was hoping. However, since my minimum requirement is having an ensuite I don’t think we can go shorter than 19ft and the ceiling height inside is also important. Basically, I love it and would like to make a decision. They produce 10 vans each month, and they have to be ordered. It could take 2 or 3 months once a decision is made.

We will go to Dove Campers when we have a chance to look at different sized vans as Stephen is wanting a smaller van with all the comforts. Our plan is to go back to Caravanland after Dunsborough to do a test drive, so this one is still under consideration.

We went to Yeoman of the Guard last night, with a largely amateur cast. Three of the younger members had good singing voices, the rest had to make do with being in tune, more or less. A small orchestra did a great job and the Dolphin is a very nice, small theatre where we can feel part of the action. The weather has been very wet and windy and we dodged showers in the morning down in Fremantle where Stephen went for a rehearsal for a solo at the TSFS Christmas concert and I went to a Cat Cafe#. It was still windy with showers in the evening.

The Winnie is with Ken Peachy Caravans having a little work done on her. They are waiting on a part and the work will carry over until Monday. We had booked her in for a vehicle service on Monday, or so we thought. When we rang them yesterday there was no booking for Monday, so just as well we needed to change it to Tuesday.

I’m in a photography drought at the moment – not feeling like taking photos of ordinary life and not getting out on walks where I would enjoy photography. Once again, we will have to make do with a photo from our time in England/Europe.

A view from the apartment in East Croydon.


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  1. Thanks for the post. Much appreciated especially as you have so much on. I’m sure overseas photos will keep us going for a while…

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