By a strange coincidence Kulin was in the news last night. Barley is one of its main farm products and is being hit by the China administration’s impost of an 80% tariff. Thank you Morrison for sounding like you were echoing Trump last week!

China, when approached by an international body, has now agreed to participate in a review of the worldwide response to the pandemic. A little diplomacy and waiting for support from the international community would have avoided causing all of these problems for our exports to China.

We are too small a country to use bullying tactics and the whole point of the art of diplomacy is to get your point across in international relations without being overtly insulting. It never works to bully other countries, even if you are a very powerful country like the US. Other countries may have to bend to your will in the short term, but will get back at you as soon as possible. Countries like China, which the Western powers bullied for years with impunity, have long memories of previous injustices and exploitation and never want to be in that position again.

Here’s hoping that Morrison finds a way out of this without our country having to lose face as well. At the moment we are clearly in trouble, especially if they go after iron ore.

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