Kalbarri/wildflower Trip: Day 4

We stayed in our camping spot by the beach until about 12.00, at which point we felt the urge to get going and set off for Kalbarri. We stopped briefly at a historic site before heading on to Pink Lake for lunch. I didn’t take many photos, but we were able to enjoy a good view of the pink water whilst having lunch, well worth it. I haven’t researched why the lake is pink yet.





Coming into Kalbarri on the scenic route was wonderful, especially as there is a stopping point overlooking the rivermouth as you arrive and it’s splendid. After a short stop there we bought fuel at the BP, then headed to Big River Ranch. We don’t have a view of the river where we are, but the horses are lovely. It was a bit messy getting our parking space sorted, but we have a nice bay with some lawn and a big tree which, fortunately, doesn’t shade us in the morning (we want warmth and solar power).


Kalbarri – more beautiful that this photo suggests

The facilities are shabby, but acceptable. The one washing machine looks grubby and the line we are supposed to use had mud underneath it. We are not supposed to set up washing lines at our campsite, but they don’t expressly forbid clothes airers. I washed a shirt last night, hung it on the airer and tied the airer to my heavy camping chair and it survived the strong wind without falling over. I’ve decided to do a few underclothes tonight and hang them on the clothes airer overnight. We can then wait until we go to Western Flora to do a load of washing.


view from our van


Camp kitchen
view outside of camp kitchen




Horse rides are available here and we’ve been told that horses have right of way and we must stop driving if they need to pass us on the driveway.

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