To the North: are we in England?

You would think so by the number of roundabouts. We are doing a lot of driving around and the traffic isn’t too bad, but we are getting dizzy😀

After another night at the free Surf Lifesaving Club camping Area we decided on a rest day. Stephen still had a headache. Of course, no rest day is complete without a visit to the dump point, filling up with water and getting fresh supplies because our fridge is now being fully powered. Stephen even managed a Museum in the afternoon.

We are meeting with Frederick and Sherene at various places and we spent the day at Town Beach with a view of the sea on their suggestion. In the evening we had a FaceTime with Matt and enjoyed actually seeing him. He finds us a bit boring I think, but fortunately Hidde was there as well.

This morning we arrived at the electrician’s at 9.00 am as instructed. Roger arranged for Bob to do the final step of connecting our 240 v charger as it needs to be done by someone qualified. We’ve been here 45 minutes so far. Waiting for Bob. He got us to unload our stuff from the back so that he has easy access. Roger spent all day Tuesday leaning in over the bed. It would have been nice for him to have had the better access. Bob supplied a big tarp for our stuff as we didn’t have anything large enough.

Sunset at Town Beach
Tide out at Town Beach
Japanese Memorial
Stephen studies a plaque.
Near our van at Town Beach. It has a beautiful park and children’s playground.
Including bike ramps.
Our overnight park up at Surf Lifesaving Club
Our main electrical setup. The second battery and inverter are in the bottom of our pantry.

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