Home again

As we had done about 300 kms to arrive in Katanning it meant that we only had to drive about 150 kms per day for two days to get home. We stopped in Narrogin at the Railway Dam for lunch, but decided we hadn’t travelled far enough for the day and pushed on to a nature reserve just north of Pingelly to spend the night.

We were the only people there, but could see sheep in a field in the distance and the mozzies were very friendly. We managed to keep them out of the van with screens and perhaps our use of incense, which we kept burning until we closed the sliding door. We had our trusty electronic insect zapper handy as it is very good for mosquitos, but not so good for flies and smaller bugs. Plenty of little black things were hanging around the ceiling and we had to spray to get rid of them.

The view from our van at our overnight camping spot

Now that’s a mozzie deterrent!

And this is our other mozzie deterrent
Rest area north of Pingelly
A fairly healthy meal
plant based burger, onion and sweet potato cooked in olive oil, lettuce and tomatos
morning fog

It was quite foggy in the morning, which created a nice atmosphere.

We stopped for lunch at a roadside rest area and went looking for wildflowers afterwards, of course.

The journey home was uneventful, though we had a bad experience at the Brookton dump point as it was completely full and we couldn’t empty our toilet. The dump point is located next to the little caravan park and we concluded that it must already have been reported to the Council. The caravan park is being improved with a camp kitchen and some little chalets, but is still very cheap for camping, especially for seniors and other concession holders.

Our tradition on arriving home is to have a cup of tea before tackling the unpacking. Stephen put away all the food and we helped with each other’s stuff. Lessons learned in living closely together is that both chipping in gets things done and out of the way.

The fact that we are having quite heavy spring rains at the moment has meant we are quite reconciled to being at home for a few days. I love the rain – but it does make getting out for walks a bit challenging.

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