Travelling Oz…Barcaldine and Longreach

After our night at Bogentungen, we stopped briefly at the Drummond Range Lookout. Although it was lovely we were having to photograph the view looking towards the sun and it doesn’t look as nice as it was in reality.

We drove through the towns of Alpha and Jerico to a campsite just outside of Barcaldine where we spent last night. This morning we have driven to Longreach, going firstly to a laundromat for an hour or two.

These little birds are very bold, like magpies, and will hang around people if you have what they want, in this case they were at the water tap waiting for a drink.

Stephen is exploring options for visiting the dinasour stampede about 110kms out of Winton. It was being talked about when we visited last, but has been made into a major tourist attraction. Friends have said that the cost of a tour is $25, and that is true, but we are not sure how to get there. If we drive, half the distance is on a gravel road, which would mean we would end up very dusty and would also need to find somewhere to stay overnight. It is supposed to be accessible to 2WD vehicles. Our friends took a bus tour, but I wasn’t able to find anything for a reasonable cost online, so Stephen has been to the Visitor Centre here in Longreach to see if there is a bus service at a reasonable cost. That would mean we could go out and back in one day.

And good news, there is a day tour for $145 each and we are now booked in for Sunday. After a few calls we’ve been able to find a place to stay for two nights.

We are feeling that we have been travelling for a long time now and really need to have a bit of a rest. It’s a matter of finding a nice spot. I’m thinking of the Barkly Homestead where we stayed for a few days the last time we came this way. Stephen had a cold and needed to rest and it was quite comfortable with power and water at a reasonable cost. However, that is still about 1,000kms away and might have to be our second rest stop.

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