Travelling Oz…through the smoke haze

The view from our van at Wyndham yesterday evening.

Admittedly it isn’t always bad. Sometimes there is a strong wind that helps. I’m coughing a lot, just the irritation. I guess this is what it is like to travel in late winter in the north.

Our rest stop after Timber Creek was a gravelled area, not an official rest stop, but well used by Wikicamps users. There was burning off on the private property next door.

At the border we were glad to report we had no fruit, vegetables, cuttings or seeds. They inspected our fridge and food cupboards. We had to surrender the honey. Apparently even the honey sold in supermarkets is heat treated before it comes to WA. Our replacement honey, bought in Kununurra, is a WA brand.

We had not heard from the Lake Argyle Caravan Park. There was no response to our call or the email they suggested on their web page. So we decided to take our chances and go there. The road in is very scenic and was worthwhile even if we hadn’t been able to stay. Turned out there were unpowered sites available and as it wasn’t too hot we decided to take it for one night. We could have had a powered site for a second night, but felt it would be enough.

We enjoyed the sunset overlooking the infinity pool. By evening it was cool enough that only a few people went in, which meant it was mostly undisturbed.

I cropped this image to avoid getting people in the shot. There were people like us who had come out just to enjoy the sunset.

The evening meal at the little pub was all you could eat for $30 per person, but we decided that we weren’t all that hungry so went back to the van for tuna and leftover vegetables.

tOur camping spot at Lake Argyle. It is so huge that even when we went to the lookout points the next day we could only see a small section of it.

In the morning we drove across the dam wall and then walked up to a lookout. I was going to drive up, the car could have taken us, but it was so steep that I was worried about the contents of the house. What a mess it would have been. So, we walked up instead, which was good for us as well, though there were mad people actually running up and down the steep slope.

on the other side of the dam the river continues along the gorge
from the water tower lookout

We didn’t try for a boat cruise which would have meant we could see much more of the lake. One of the cruise boats has broken down and they are trying to accommodate all of the people who’ve already booked with the one boat. Something to come back here for.

Interesting rocks at the other end of the dam wall

After sightseeing we drove to Kununurra to fuel up and get some more fresh food. We tried parking up for a picnic lunch in a couple of places, but even with shade it was too hot to be comfortable. We did what we have done before on this trip, one person drove whilst the other person had a post lunch nap, then we swapped so the other person could rest. That way we could justify the airconditioning.

Why Wyndham? Well, I guess just because it’s the most northerly town we can drive to and we wanted to see what it was like. So far it’s a small village with a rather nice caravan park. We’ve got a site on the edge with a view across to a bluff. With this camper we always back the van up to the view so that we can enjoy it through the large windows of our living area.

The campers kitchen. There is a BBQ behind me was well. There is another little outdoor cafe area as well. They don’t do expresso coffee, but drinks, icecreams, etc. and you can make your own tea or coffee.

We will do a little sight seeing this morning before heading back down the highway. Tonight we will be in the region of the Bungle Bungles and have to make a decision on whether to take a 4WD tour tomorrow. Stephen has already been, and said that I could go on my own. I’m not keen if it’s a hot day. I would also prefer to be there in the early morning or late in the day for the sunset.

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