Sherwood Diary: Just over a week to go before heading off to South Australia

On Thursday we went to His Majesty’s for a performance of ‘Into the Woods’, a musical not to my taste, but it was well done and it was great to have such good singers, for a change. We went to Grilled on the way and had hamburgers and wine beforehand. The theatre is lit up by changing coloured lights, but it looks best, as in the photo, when they revert to white.

We celebrated our 34th (we think) wedding anniversary yesterday by getting some takeaway and watching ‘The Lost King’. It is based on true events, but the dramatisation was excellent. It is the story of how King Richard IIIs remains were found in a carpark in Leisester. The search was lead by a very determined woman named Phillapa Langley, played so wonderfully by Sally Hawkins. Shakespeare wrote his play based on the Tudor history which villified him as a usurper and in the centuries since his death his reputation has been cleared by many historians, but it is still the version Shakespeare wrote that is taught as true.

We recently saw the play at the New Fortune Theatre with Eversley. I found it frustrating, especially as part of the rationale for his villification is that he had a deformity. When they found his skeleton he did indeed have scoliosis of the spine, but equating disability with evil is no longer considered appropriate and of course, it doesn’t actually apply in real life. Josephine Tey wrote a book on this historial theme called ‘The Daughter of Time'(published in1951), which is also a an interesting historical exploration of the king’s life and reputation. In the film a scientist who has done DNA research through the female line states that there is a woman in Canada with a better claim to the English throne than the present incumbent.

We bought ourselves a compressor and tyre deflator in case we need to let down the Sherwood’s tyres when travelling. There is some doubt that we can travel on the Hyden to Norseman road due to the rain in the last few days, which has been much heavier away from Perth. Our plan is to check next Monday (3rd April) just before we are leaving. If the road has become damaged we can travel via Great Eastern Highway instead. The good thing is that it is forecast to be cooler inland than it is here in Perth.

Stephen still has music commitments this week. I just have the Mackie St Singers Tuesday night, fun and not daunting as there are plenty of sopranos. One of Stephen’s commitments is to sing with a small group next Sunday at UWA. One of the historians will take a group on a walk to different places around the university with singers/musicians providing short excepts, and I have opted to be part of this, rather than one of the singers. I went to the first rehearsal, but fudged the high notes as I wasn’t sure I could get there. So, not satisfactory. Eversley will be joining me for the walk around.

On Saturday morning Stephen’s other choir, The Real Sing, will be singing at the Manning Markets as a kind of recruiting drive. I’m going along to that as support and also to check out the markets.

His Majesty’s from the street level

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    • I think it’s getting easier and easier to live together, we appreciate each other more than when we were younger. There’s a catch, of course, but perhaps that the reason for the gratitude. We know that it could all change at any moment and the older we get the closer we get to the end. We are grateful for everything, our safety and security, our family and friends, all of life’s little pleasures and having time to enjoy them. Perhaps we’ve just settled into coupledom the way you’ve settled into singledom as a preferred way to be.

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