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  • Life after Fairbridge – Mandurah Songfest

    We had three nights at home, then set off again for Mandurah for the Songfest. It is a workshop, followed by a short concert, run by a choir in Mandurah. We left Fairbridge on Tuesday at about midday, after most campers had left. We were really just taking our time and savouring the experience of […]

  • An interesting week

    On Tuesday I dropped the car off for a service. I met Eversley and Rae for lunch, we tried the new Antz, and had some light food. Then the power went out in our section of Victoria Park, so we went to the Dome so that they could have a coffee. It was very enjoyable […]

  • Catching up

    Catching up

    Friday 11th I went with Stephen to the second session of our course with Gary Sigley on China at MARLA. Mum had an ACAT assessment with the social worker and Jamie attended. I did an overnight at one of the houses. Saturday 12th we went down to Cottesloe for the Sculpture by the Sea at […]

  • PIAF – Cello at UWA

    Yesterday I went for a walk down to the river before breakfast. I caught the bus home. By the time I was returning the sun was very bright and it would have been uncomfortable to walk back. Besides, it is uphill! Stephen made breakfast. In the evening we went to listen to Bach Cello concertos in […]

  • The Weekend

    The Weekend

    I had arranged with Mum that I would pick her up early on Saturday morning and take her down to Mundaring for a blood test. When I rang her at about 6.55 a.m. she did not answer the phone. I continued to try to call her until about 7.20 a.m., then decided just to drive […]

  • Stephen enjoying the sunshine

    Stephen enjoying the sunshine

    It is crispy cold today, about 1 degree we think. We walked to the local pharmacy this morning to get some more Panadol and cortisone cream (for itches). Yesterday I had a headache and felt quite woozy. As Stephen wasn’t going anywhere much either, I took the opportunity to have a day in bed. Although […]

  • Bath

    Sunday afternoon we went for a walk to the Water Tower Park (as we call it, not the proper name) and did some shopping. On Monday morning we were on our way early and had to stand on the train as far as Clapham Junction. We made our way to the Victoria Bus Station in […]

  • Beautiful

    We had an enjoyable afternoon yesterday, catching the train to Victoria Station, then a bus through the city to the Aldwych Theatre to see ‘Beautiful – The Carole King Musical’. When we went to a London theatre a few weeks ago there were no security checks. This time, there was a fairly careful check of […]

  • Snow Indeed

    Snow Indeed

    This morning just after 9.00 a.m. we had our first snow. After yesterday’s forecast I was expecting a storm overnight, but we haven’t had much wind. Even when the snow was falling there was more of a breeze blowing the snow around. Grabbed my camera, of course, and took some video and photos. First of […]