Life after Fairbridge – Mandurah Songfest

Out for a walk (1 of 1)We had three nights at home, then set off again for Mandurah for the Songfest. It is a workshop, followed by a short concert, run by a choir in Mandurah.

We left Fairbridge on Tuesday at about midday, after most campers had left. We were really just taking our time and savouring the experience of being there. No rain the whole time meant there was lots of dust.

Coming down to Mandurah, we were surprised to find a Services stop at Baldivas, which we don’t remember seeing before. It has service stations either side, and on ours a large hall with fast food stalls, and toilets, of course. We plan to fill up with petrol and check the tires on the way home. The one on the way down is set up for trucks as well as cars, and we are hoping that the one on the way back to Perth is pretty similar.

We have stayed at the Belevedere Caravan Park in Mandurah before. It is comfortable, without being fancy. We took a short walk down to the beach last night, but didn’t get out until it was dark, so could not see very much.

Breakfast in Mandurah (1 of 1)

This morning we tried not to rush to get ready. The workshop runs from 10.00 a.m. until 7.00 p.m., and includes morning and afternoon teas and lunch. Therefore, once we leave here, we are away for a long time. We have a frozen home cooked meal to come back to, but may have a meal out if we can find somewhere inexpensive. There is a Chinese restaurant next door to the caravan park, so that is an option.

As usual, it is sunny, with 26 degree maximum predicted. It was chilly overnight, so we have been glad of the heater. Although we were comfortable at Fairbridge without electricity it seems quite magical that all of our power points actually work!

Monday 1st May, 2017

It was a very long day at the Songfest. We learned six songs and two rounds, some of which are stuck in my head, going round and round. We had some five minute breaks, a longer break for morning and afternoon tea, and about an hour for lunch. During the lunchtime break we went down to the shore front for a walk. Morning teas, lunch and afternoon teas were provided by the Mandurah Choir, which was lovely and helped to keep us going, but we also wanted to get out for a while in the bigger break.

We had an hour between the rehearsal finishing and the final performance, so went to the Dome for a sit down and coffee. At that point we were feeling completely finished, no energy left, but the break was long enough for me at least to be able to do the concert without discomfit.

Our choir director was lovely, keeping us involved and singing our best. The choir had already learned the songs, which provided a good base for the rest of us to pick up on the music.

There was a raffle, and we actually won a prize. It was heavy to carry back to the caravan park (about a kilometre away), but we were determined and managed it. We had a frozen meal and toast, quite comforting, and tried out some chocolates from our prize box. There was wine, marmalade, truffle salt(?), olives and chocolates, we had to open it to have a look when we got home.

We should have had black clothes for the concert, but choir members lent us a bit of gear so we didn’t stand out too much. Something to remember next time.

We were granted a late checkout, and woke up quite late anyway, so it would have been difficult to get ready by 10.00 a.m. By 12.00 we were ready and on the way home stopped at the Northbound version of the Baldivas service stop to fill up with deisel and check the tyres. Stephen was having a bit of difficulty and asked for help from another truck owner. He was delightful and even crawled underneath to check the spare. He is a mechanic by trade, with his own business. He said he and his employees are absolutely flat tack and can’t take any more business, but he did leave his phone number, just in case. He said our vehicle is known for being very reliable, which is why Winnebago use it as the basis for their motorhomes, and that was reassuring. And I have deliberately blanked out the child’s face, he would have been recognisable otherwise.

Baldivas Northbound (1 of 1)


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