Travels with the Winnie: Day 12

Kimba, South Australia

Tonight we have a different sort of camping setup. We are at a recreation area, with no electrical hookup, but fresh water tap, flushing toilets and one shower ($1 for 2 minutes) for about 20 caravans and motorhomes. The site is free, though they ask for donations.

I remember Kimba the White Lion. From the Japanese cartoon series.

We arrived at about 4.20 p.m., in time to find a good spot upwind of the septic tank smell. The whole area is on blue metal so we don’t have to worry about dust and mud. We feel a bit overwhelmed with people so close, but they are friendly. We are still 460 kms from Adelaide, at our travel speed, especially if we want to do a little sightseeing in the morning, it looks like we have about 3 more days before we get there.

I’ve been carrying this small, cheap washing machine in our passenger side locker for a few months now, this morning is the first time I have used it. I had to carry water to fill it, so was glad to do the washing with fabric softener only so it did not have to be rinsed. The spin cycle is very good. I’ve done two loads of washing previously, the one we were able to line dry at Fraser Range, a quick early morning wash at Madura which we dried in the bathroom, making it difficult to do anything in there, and this one. The spin dryer works just as well or better than the big washing machines. I’ve hung the washing around the room tonight, hoping it will dry overnight with our wonderful heating system.

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Public toilets in SA are often round, like this one. Actually very nice flushing toilets.
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Our campsite, ignoring all the other caravans and motorhomes
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Stephen on the ukulele