Travels with the Winnie: Day Four

Fraser Range Station

We made it to Norseman by about 11.15 a.m. First we fed the Winnie her daily diesel. Then we went shopping at the IGA. Then we drove out to the first parking spot beyond Norseman for our lunch and rest.

Then we drove here to the Fraser Range Station. In 2015 when we were passing through it happened twice that staying here just did not fit in with our schedule. So, this time we are making up for it by booking in for two nights. We are feeling like we need a rest day. There are some walks that we can take and we are really feeling in need of exercise and having a chance to enjoy the Great Western Woodlands landscape. Except that we are on a working station, and the area has been cleared. There is the promise of woodlands when we take a walk.

The station has been here for a long time, as some of the building show. We have power and fresh water, and at $30 per night that feels pretty good. Of course, they have to compete with a couple of excellent 24hr stopping places within 25 kms. One has a view of the salt lakes. They offer cooked two course meals for $30 each, plus tours in a vehicle which cost $40 per person. Our plan is to eat in the van and take free walks!

Bay 2, before Bay 1 filled (1 of 1)
View from our windows before we had a neighbour
And that might be it for photos. We have internet, but very slow.