Saturday 5th December

It was a quiet day inside, windy though not cold outside. After two fairly strenuous days we were happy to stay at home doing our stuff on computers. We went to a concert at a local church in the evening. Quite good quality – a good small orchestra, excellent soloists and a passable choir. They did some of the usual carols at the end: In dull jubilo, O come, O come Emannuel, The Shepherds’ Farewell, and then we were invited to join in for Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Stephen was disappointed that there was no supper, just drinks, for which we had to pay.

Afterwards we walked to Sainsburys to do some shopping.

Today is a packing up day as we prepare to go to stay with Ron for a couple of nights in Gloucester. We have been there before, of course, and seen the Cathedral and the docklands area. I am not sure what else there is to do, but we will only have one day, then will catch the coach back here.

We have the address where we will stay in Brandys Nad Labem. Disappointingly it is a boring looking apartment building in a suburban area – not on a street with cafes with old buildings around we had hoped. As Stephen said, it’s best to get our disappointment over and done with now before we go there. We may then be pleasantly surprised.

However, he has plans to do a trip to some other cities and even countries in the four weeks we are there. We can also visit Prague fairly easily. There is an historical centre of the town where we are staying, but we will have to find out how to get there. PLUS, we will have a car for visiting interesting places in the area, if we are brave enough to drive it!

The featured photo is from Friday and the pub is on the street where Grace (Stephen’s mother) was born.



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