Stephen enjoying the sunshine

It is crispy cold today, about 1 degree we think. We walked to the local pharmacy this morning to get some more Panadol and cortisone cream (for itches). Yesterday I had a headache and felt quite woozy. As Stephen wasn’t going anywhere much either, I took the opportunity to have a day in bed. Although I still woke up with a headache this morning, it cleared when I got up to have my first cuppa.

We can’t have our tea in bed here because there is no bedhead or side tables, so we have to sit on the couch. But really, it is in the same room and not a hardship. My ‘desk’ is one of the bar stools (there is no bar), and I do at least have an office chair. We don’t have a dining table either, we just use the coffee table in front of the couch. In other words, we don’t have everything we could want, but we certainly have everything we need, so no real complaints.

Below are a few photos from today, from near our apartment building.

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Finally picked up my new FE 35mm 2.8 lens for the A7R


We are back home, and I’ve not had much of a chance to take photos with this lens. We went for a walk in the local area and I took a couple of photos of the sunset which were blurred. I guess I’m not used to a non-VR lens!

I took a couple of photos through shop windows, the previous one of a new cafe which opened whilst we were away, plus a sort of adult shop, with bright and colourful costumes.  I was pleased with both of these photos and have resized them to upload here. The colours are very faithful to what I could see, and there are also reflections from the pub across the road in the shots.