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  • Wongan Hills Wildflower Show: Perth to Jennacubbine

    We decided to make the WHWS a van trip by leaving as soon as we could and finding some different places to stay before heading to WH. We left home late in the morning. I was a bit worried about my back when loading up the van, but I worked slowly and don’t seem to […]

  • Kalbarri/wildflower Trip: Day 7

    Kalbarri/wildflower Trip: Day 7

    When we arrived back from having tea with the family we found someone camped on our spot. After fiddling around a bit we pulled into the empty place next to them. On arrival we had found reception didn’t seem to know what was available up the hill and we were fortunate that most people had […]

  • London: St Martins in the Field Cafe, the National Gallery and Extinction Rebellion

    Yesterday morning we were held up by workmen coming to replace a couple of windows in the apartment. I wanted to check on their work as we had problems previously. It was only two of the windows being replaced, rather pointlessly, to hang from the opposite side when in casement mode. One of the replaced […]

  • London: British Library and ‘Little Venice’

    The British Library is a relatively modern library (1973) incorporating the old British Museum Library as well as some other collections. Red bricks are used to blend in with the other buildings in the area such as St Pancras International Station, which is across the road. Inside, it is a very interesting place, with a […]

  • Visiting Monk’s House

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monk’s_House I’ve included the Wikipedia link because it gives better information about the house than we got from visiting it. There were volunteers in each room to explain things and respond to our questions, but the sequence of why they eventually moved there full time is not something we were told. We caught the train […]

  • Bath

    Sunday afternoon we went for a walk to the Water Tower Park (as we call it, not the proper name) and did some shopping. On Monday morning we were on our way early and had to stand on the train as far as Clapham Junction. We made our way to the Victoria Bus Station in […]

  • Snow Indeed

    Snow Indeed

    This morning just after 9.00 a.m. we had our first snow. After yesterday’s forecast I was expecting a storm overnight, but we haven’t had much wind. Even when the snow was falling there was more of a breeze blowing the snow around. Grabbed my camera, of course, and took some video and photos. First of […]

  • Wednesday – Oxford Day 3

    Here are a few more photos from yesterday. The only processing is to resize them for posting here. They were taken in the evening before we caught the bus back to Oxford. The third photo below is my favourite of the day.       

  • Final Days – England

    These are a couple of photos I took on an evening walk near Knebworth. We feel that we have come to know the local area through our walks. We really love the peace and gentle beauty of the countryside here. With daylight saving it doesn’t get dark here until quite late.