Wongan Hills Wildflower Show: Perth to Jennacubbine

Noble Falls picnic area and Jennacubbine. Although I’ve used GoPro Quik to produce the slideshow the photos and video were actually shot on my phone. You may need to click on the link to view.

We decided to make the WHWS a van trip by leaving as soon as we could and finding some different places to stay before heading to WH. We left home late in the morning. I was a bit worried about my back when loading up the van, but I worked slowly and don’t seem to have done any further damage, judging by having little pain afterwards.

Stephen had a library visit to make, books always seem to need returning at inconvenient times, but as we weren’t going very far it wasn’t a problem. Leaving home we weren’t too sure where we would spend the night.

Rain was forecast, and it did rain, but in fairly brief, heavy showers, and we had almost no rain whilst we were actually driving. Noble Falls is one of our favourite places to stop and the small river was in good flow. We had a shower whilst there, but also some sunshine. I heated up some vegetarian food to have with salad for lunch and we had a rest afterwards.

Then on to Toodyay where we did some shopping, stocking up on bananas and salads. Afterwards we had our afternoon cup of tea in the car park.

It was then time to choose our destination for the night. We wanted it to be more or less on the way to WH and not a place that would get very muddy if it rained. Jennacubbine offeres two camping options, free at the Tavern if you purchase drinks and a meal, or $10 per night at the Town Hall with access to the Hall. We chose the latter. I had a meal planned and we stocked up on cider in Toodyay, so didn’t need to buy them.

The Hall is old and smells musty. This parkup can be used by groups. We do have access to a shower, but preferred to use our own facilities. The toilet is handy for some visits and as I had used our big stainless steel frying pan for cooking Stephen went across to the kitchen to do the dishes after our evening meal. There is loose blue metal in the parking area which also contributes to it being worth the $10. It hasn’t actually rained here since we arrived, but the it could have been muddy without the blue metal. Today is partly cloudy, but in the sunny periods we are getting very good solar input.

We are making a slow start this morning as our plan is to go to another park up with good views for tonight and it isn’t very far. We are assuming we have 24hrs here for our $10. The view from the van is of a field with crops in rows, perhaps partly harvested and it makes it much more interesting than a normal field. The temperature is still cool and we appreciate the sunny periods. We had to pack for cold and heat for this short trip as it is forecast to be over 30 on Sunday. Our plan is to get back on Monday or Tuesday next week.

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