Jennacubbine to Gabbi Quoi Quoi lookout

After a walk around in the morning we left Jennacubbine for our next overnight park up. This is also on WikiCamps and isn’t a designated camping area, but other people have stayed there and we didn’t have any problems.

We had to level up the van as there were no flat spots. At the lookout is a board featuring information about the restoration of farmland in the area. After a restful afternoon we took a walk back down the road leading to the lookout as we had noticed quite a lot of wildflowers on the verges. It is only a kilometre back to the main road and Stephen went the whole way, I shaved off the last bit as I felt I’d done enough.

Yesterday was mostly overcast, but we did have a bit of blue sky and a pretty sunset. I put the drone up after the walk, but the footage was quite dark and I thought I’d fly again this morning. But it was too windy. Anyway, the batteries need charging and as we are having a cafe lunch today I’ve left them working away in the van. We are getting better solar today, but still have not had the van batteries below 91% at any stage, and so far this trip haven’t gone below 97%. We use the electric kettle, my coffee machine and milk frothier and the hair dryer. We haven’t needed heating even though the nights are cold. Cooking an even meal seems to do the trick of keeping us warm enough until bedtime.

After a restful morning we’ve driven to Wongan Hills to do van services: water, dump, rubbish and shopping. We now have the programme for the Wildflower Festival and have booked the tour out to see the verticordias at 9.00 am tomorrow. We can have a cooked breakfast at the Visitor Centre at 7.30 so only have to get up, wash and dress in the morning. Earlier starts are not really a problem now that sunrise is so much earlier.

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