A7R and 28-70mm go to Yosemite National Park

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We don’t have much time left here in San Francisco, so took at day tour to Yosemite. This is not the best way to visit, of course, but it was all we had, and turned out to be a really lovely day. After our arrival in the valley the sun came out and stayed out whilst we went for a long walk.

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3 responses to “A7R and 28-70mm go to Yosemite National Park”

    • The 28-70mm is a full frame lens on the full frame Sony E mount camera. If the 15-50mm f2.8 is a full frame lens, it is approximately 24-75 on a crop sensor, I think. Best to check this out on a Canon forum. If you are into landscapes 24mm equivalent is a pretty good wide-angle.

  1. Okay, great. I’ve been trying to look at pictures that other people take, getting a gauge for what a good landscape equivalent may be. Part of me also wants to try out a 11-16Thanks!

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