Processing photos

Not having good access to this blog in China was a bummer. I had VPN set up on the iPad, but the app doesn’t allow me to really see what I am doing with photos. Next time, in October probably, when we go back there, I mean to set up VPN access on this laptop.

Some more photos.


England4 ShanghaiYHAcoffeebar

Home again

I have still not processed all of the photos from our trips to England and China, but was having a big of a go at it on Monday evening whilst watching the Tour de France. Here in Perth it doesn’t start until the race has been underway for a couple of hours, but from 8.30 p.m. until the race finishes we have the only sport that I consistently watch live.

I’ve been using the Nik HDR plugin in Photoshop. I don’t really want the images to look strongly HDR, but I like the extra pop that intensifying the colours can give.