St George’s Bloomsbury, the British Museum and Camera Cafe

We arrived at Victoria at about 12.30, and after catching a bus to the British Museum, got stuck into our lunch. A good use of time and Stephen appreciated it as it makes his pack lighter. As I’m not a fan of museum, no matter how splendid (as this one is from the half hour I spent there), so the plan is for him to spend a few hours there and me to do some writing nearby. So, I bought my smallest camera (Sony A6000 with collapsing pancake zoom) and the laptop.

Yesterday (Thursday) and today are rather wet – not really heavy rain, but grey all day. Stephen seemed to have a hangover of sorts from the night before where he drank a whole pint of cider and also had some red wine – we think an interaction with his meds. So, it was a lazy day for me, with him in bed for most of the day.

St George’s is an interesting church. When you walk in it feels more like a ball room than a church, with a big chandelier in the middle and quite a lot of light coming through the windows. This was part of the design, apparently, so that people could actually see to read their prayerbooks. Strangely sensible! It was built in 1711 and has a classical design and most unusual spire.

This cafe is an oddity, with lots of old Hasselblad camera bits and lenses, nothing modern. There is a small gallery downstairs and they serve light food and coffee – and it’s just down the road from the Museum.

St George's, Bloomsbury.
St George’s, Bloomsbury.

StGeorge's,Bloomsbury2 StGeorge's,Bloomsbury3

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