Susan discusses China
At a U3A meeting on China held in a townhouse near here on Tuesday 17th Nov, 2015. I was asked to comment on Australia’s relationship with China. Question without notice. Stephen took the photo on his iPhone 5. Shadow reduction in Lightroom.

London and South East England
Forecast Summary
A cloudy start with outbreaks of rain across the region. Rain clearing away to the east from mid-morning to give sunny spells by afternoon and just the odd shower.

Showers becoming more frequent for a time overnight, but more general showery rain developing by morning, heavy at times, and with a wintry mix possible. Winds becoming strong by morning.”

I especially love ‘outbreaks of rain‘, as well as the familiar ‘sunny spells‘.

That all sounds OK, but there is also a warning out regarding high wind and possible snow for tonight. I think they mean sleet for Greater London because they suggest that it won’t be enough snow to settle on the ground except in higher areas. Temperatures will be 0 overnight and up to 5 during the day. Our first actual cold weather! We are going up to London to go to a musical tomorrow, so will have to allow for even more possible train disruptions than normal.

Temperatures will be in the range of 0 -5 degrees overnight and Saturday. the exact temperatures depend on where you are as in built up areas it tends to be slightly warmer than open country.

We hope to see snow when we are in Brandys Nad Labem, but it is unusual to have much there in December/early January. Pity.

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