Travels with the Winnie: Day 31

Exploring around Uluru

This morning we had a lot of washing to do and I decided to do it using my little twin tub washing machine. At the end of it, the washing machine had to go! I left it in the laundry with a note saying that if someone wanted to give it a new home they were welcome to it. Not one hour later it was gone!

Now we have room in that locker for our picnic table and folding chairs, much more convenient that having them in the overhead bunk. I’ve been wondering for some time if it was worthwhile to keep the washing machine, it feels good to have made that decision. It wasn’t expensive and I’m not sure how long it will last the new owner. Or if that person will hand it on in a few weeks to the next person.

We are heading north, and I’ve decided that handwashing small amounts of washing, supplemented by an occasional big wash in the a campground machine, is the way to go. For at least the next month the climate will get warmer and warmer. Already we are in a very dry area where washing dries quickly.

We went to a film and talk about the night sky. This area was once an inland sea and is too low for astrononmers, but they keep the lights deliberately low in the Resort area and offer night time walks, with telescopes, for people who are interested.

We had a light lunch in one of the Resort hotels, not very expensive and it was delicious. However, this evening I was feeling a bit under the weather and wondering if it was what we had for lunch that caused it. Probably not related.

We had a walk in the sun, that might have caused the problem. Stephen had a slight headache as well.

Nevertheless, we packed up the Winnie and went out for a sunset viewing, this time driving to the base of Uluru. There were far less people in this location, probably due to the time of day, as it offers a short and a long walk around the base, most people would have done that during the day.

Today has been absolutely cloudless and we had quite a different experience in this location being close up and walking along the Marla Walk for a short distance.

Marla Walk14 (1 of 1)
The setting sun lighting up the rock face
Marla Walk5 (1 of 1)
These colours are what the camera, and I, actually saw
Marla Walk8 (1 of 1)
the contrast with the surrounding bush
the climb (1 of 1)
The climbing rope, fortunately they seem to have closed the climb for good. I saw people taking children up it last time we were here and was pretty horrified
gumnut (1 of 1)
Stephen wanted a photo of this gumnt
flowers (1 of 1)
flowers on the Marla Walk. We also went to a lookout within the caravan park earlier today. There were bushes that looked a lot like Geraldton Wax with a wonderful scent. From the lookout, which wasn’t very high, we could see both the Rock and the Olgas in the distance.
Winnie and I - long shadows (1 of 1)
Winnie and I casting long shadows

We just had a look at the Road Atlas lent to us by David and Lesley. I use Geowiki for finding campsites and navigation, but we also need to get an overview, so the Atlas is proving very useful. We have come a long way – I think over 4,000 kms altogether, and there is a very long way to go, especially if we head north after Alice Springs.

Perhaps better to not look at it, just concentrate on enjoying where we are and anticipating just the next destination.

We have extended our stay for one more night, partly based on our Park Permit, which is for 72 hours, but also because there is so much to do and see here.


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