South: Dumbleyung to Ongerup

The featured image is a view of the Stirling Ranges from Chester Pass Road.

Yesterday in the evening we went for a walk around the block. There is a replica of the Bluebird and memorial to Donald Campbell.

Replica of the Bluebird (1 of 1)
Bluebird Replica

It was quite a lovely evening with no clouds.

Dumbleyung evening
The Grand Old Dumbleyung Pub, with a truck going somewhere in a hurry!

For some reason I was awake in the night for quite a while, not worrying, just awake. I went back to sleep and was woken up by Stephen doing our morning cups of tea, very nice.

We took a while to get going, with Stephen working on his Mandarin and me doing some hand washing. It had a chance to get past the dripping stage in the warm sun. Our nights have been quite cool enough for the doona, which means we have cool mornings and evenings even though the day temperatures get up to about 30. There is usually a cool breeze, but it’s hot walking in the sun.

The most enjoyable part of today was that we were travelling towards the Stirling Ranges for part of the journey. As you can see, we are still putting the little dashboard camera up to take video of travelling along.

We passed through a couple of small villages on the way here. We had a choice for tonight of a free camp with no facilities (not even drop toilets) or at the caravan park, and decided on the caravan park. We have privacy on one side with a view of bushes and trees, which we are assured will give us shad in the morning.

We sat outside when we first arrived, getting gradually very chilly, but waiting for the van to cool down a bit as it was still very warm inside. We had a small amount of shade at the roadside stop at lunchtime. We had quite a long rest after eating, me making up for missed sleep last night.

I am cooking tea and writing this blog, feeling smug at being able to multi-task. I’m regretting not bringing our electric pressure cooker. It’s quite large, but means I can brown the meat and onions, then add everything to the pot and let it finish off. The little electric frying pan doesn’t allow for this type of cooking, so have done the vegetables in the microwave.

Time to eat!