Rain and Thunder on Tuesday

We are missing the banquets from our time in China. When we were preparing vegetables for our crock pot this morning we had something of the feeling of being in China with colourful food – celery, onion, capsicum, potatos and sweet potatos. I put a touch of hot chilli powder in as well. One of the things about this house is that former guests leave behind all their herbs and spices. It appears that some good cooking goes on here.

Yesterday we planned to do some washing and shopping. The washing part was easy although three loads took some time. Getting out to do the shopping was another matter due to thunder, lightening and rain, and we ended up heading out at about 4.00 p.m., taking the tram, just to our small, local Sainsburys near the station. We didn’t get wet and were able to cover all of our shopping needs, worth remembering if we think we need a bigger supermarket for groceries.

This morning we have done some thinking and planning. We want to visit Ron and the family, and Melanie suggested that we come this Sunday and stay as long as we want to. We think this means two or three nights, by the way, not weeks and weeks. They are going away in mid June.

Some of the exploring we would like to do in that area can be done in day trips. Our tentative idea of hiring a car for a few days has transformed into an actual booking for 7 days. We will pick up the car late on Saturday and drive to Gloucester on Sunday. Melanie is planning a family dinner outing for the evening. We can then spend a few days exploring.

We haven’t made any AirBNB bookings as we can make more concrete plans once we get there. At the moment we are thinking of exploring close to Gloucester on Monday, then going further afield on Tuesday and doing something of a circut before heading back here to East Croydon. Hopefully, we can do our AirBNB bookings a day ahead. Having the car means we don’t have to try to get places in the middle of towns.

There are no photos from yesterday, hence using a banquet photo from our China tour for the featured image. We are going out soon for the rest of the day, with a lovely hot crock pot meal to come home to.