Kimba to Canberra: Day 13

Port Germein to Burra 3rd April, 2019

If you were to check on the map it’s only about 100 kms from Port Germein to Burra. Whilst Stephen was sorting out the hoses and connections this morning just prior to leaving he noticed a bulge in one of the rear tyres, the innermost one on the driver’s side. This was very worrying. We asked about a tyre place and our host recommended a business in Port Pirie , about 24 kms down the road.

Should we drive there on 3 rear tyres or call for help? We decided to drive there. I was so tense on the trip that I gave myself a headache. But we arrived safely.

The man said they were too busy and we should go somewhere else. We rang another tyre place but they did not have the light truck tyres we needed. I guess he didn’t realise that we are not impatient, especially as the the Visitor Centre is next door and there were some cafes within walking distance.

He said we would need to have two new tyres, so they would match, but closer inspection revealed that the other one was beginning to collapse as well. We now have two new tyres on the back, two nearly new tyres on the front, and two old tyres on the rear passenger side. He assured us we are safe to go and that they look fine, but it it feels odd to me and slightly worrying. The new rear tyres look really fantastic.

At the Visitor Centre we learned all about a great white shark that had been accidentally caught in a fishing net in the gulf. They have a replica as the real one was sent to a university research department. It has made me reluctant to ever swim in the sea again.

When Port Pirie had a passenger service railway they had to contend with three different gauges, as shown on the ramp. Passengers would have to change lines, depending on their destination.

We also enjoyed a hot drink and toastie at The Sanctuary Cafe across the road. The cafe is run by one of the churches in town.

By about 1:30 we were on our way. It has been warm today, and we found we were too tired to drive far. Burra is a very pretty town and we are in a caravan park on the river, opposite the bay where we stayed here in 2015. Having full hookups is very comforting. There is less free camping on this route, but if we make our next destination we will have free camping with flushing toilets on the Murray River in Renmark.

Full hookups, yay!

The view from our site.

Last time we were here in Burra we walked around and I took lots of photos. I didn’t feel up to it tonight, but Stephen went for a short walk.

Kimba to Canberra: Day 12 coninued

Yesterday morning we made our usual slow start, getting our chores done and on the road after 10.00 a.m. Our first stop was to see the silo art which has happened since we were in Kimba last time. There is a special viewing area, thank goodness, as sometimes silo art is very hard to see clearly because of local infrastructure.

Kimba silo art Stephen (1 of 1).jpg

Kimba silo art2 (1 of 1).jpg

Kimba silo art3 (1 of 1).jpg


Then on our way. One of our favourite parts of this drive is the part where we drove towards Iron Knob, then on to Port Augusta. The scenery is splendid and we are also getting close to the sea again, albeit the large inlet. Then we get to the views of the Flinders Ranges.

We stopped at our favourite cafe in Port Augusta, the one with the golden arches, which is just off the main road on the left hand side. Spicy chicken wraps, a large coffee and a chocolate thickshake later we were on our way to Port Germein.

We have been to this little hamlet before for lunch. The free camping options on this part of the road aren’t good, plus we needed to do some washing, including the bed linen. We have a choice of this caravan park or one in Port Pierie, and the Wikicamps community said this was the best, plus we loved this little place before and wanted to spend more time here.

We arrived here at 3.30ish and did the washing straight away. I checked with the office about security for leaving it on the line overnight and was told it was perfectly safe. Although we have very long evenings at the moment it was unlikely that all of the washing would be dry.

Stephen had an ambition to walk to the end of the very long jetty, 3kms return. We set off after 6.00 p.m. when the sun was lower and as we began the walk we realised that we could see the tide coming in. The water continues to be fairly shallow for most of the length of the jetty even at high tide. It was an incredibly lovely walk, with the sun setting with yellows and oranges on one side and the Flinders Ranges and water being lit in blues and reds on the other side of the jetty. It took me far longer to get to the end than it should have done because I kept stopping to take photos as the light was changing.

Port Germein Cara Boat (1 of 1).jpg
We saw this Cara-Boat on the way to the jetty. It acts as a caravan on land, then floats off it’s trailer to become a boat. The owner said that they have cruised about 2,000 kms down the Murray-Darling, and can confirm it works well. The huge windows ensure it would not feel cramped inside.
Port Germein building (1 of 1).jpg
German-colonial architecture is a feature of this town and I hope to get more photos of the buildings before we leave today.

Port Germein evening light Flinders Ranges (1 of 1).jpg

Port Germein tide coming in (1 of 1).jpg
The wavelets are due to the tide coming in. I have video of this process and hope to make a little movie of it at a later date. It can be hard to upload the video here.


Port Germein sun gone (1 of 1).jpg
one side
Port Germein sun gone chem trails (1 of 1).jpg
the other side


The chem trails added leading lines on each side of the jetty.

Port Germein rocky shore (1 of 1).jpg

Port Germein sun gone pilons (1 of 1).jpg
Made it to the end, but the pylons suggest the jetty used to be even longer.


Port Germein tide coming in2 (1 of 1).jpg
In coming tide lapping around the ladder.

Port Germein sun gone jetty (1 of 1)

Stephen waited for me to catch up at the end of the jetty before we walked back. It was a long twilight, but we still had to watch our feet in the dim light, with uneven boards.

I went out this morning to get a couple of pre dawn shots as well, but as I was in my dressing gown I didn’t go as far as the jetty.

Port Germein before sunrise (1 of 1)Port Germein before sunrise2 (1 of 1)Port Germein before sunrise3 (1 of 1)