How did it go on our walk at the Kent Street Weir? It was good for bear sightings and we even found a tree that had been decorated as a sort of project for children. I took some video, but haven’t processed it yet. It was also lovely to walk in bushland near the  Canning River and to be able to do the circut, about 3.5 kms. But…

Not so good for all the other people walking there, plus a few joggers and cyclists. It’s a very popular walk and it was quite busy at times. Oddly, the only part that is actually a dirt track was fairly deserted.  We are not sure if other people did the whole circut because we only encountered one family on that section. However, there is a track that goes around the wetlands that can be used to continue the circut. We don’t use it because it follows the road, but many might.

I expect it is like this for people living near the beach with many, many more people out walking than usual.

People in Victoria Park are happy to give other walkers a wide berth, but we were the only people doing that on the Kent Street Weir walk. We are particularly wary of joggers, after Dr Norman Swan said that they can project particals in a much wider area than people walking.

Whilst there is some snow falling in the southern states on the other side of Australia and people are rugging up in the cold we in Perth are having what we hope will be our last heat wave. The next five days are forecast to be  30 – 35 degrees, with relatively warm nights of around 20 degrees. Of course, we can hunker down with air conditioning, but it makes evening walks more challenging. I expect that it will be even more crowded along the beaches as people hope to escape the heat. It certainly makes ‘social distancing’ more difficult when there are lots of people. If you live near the beach that is your neighbourhood and you have every right to be there as we are allowed out for exercise. But, we probably shouldn’t drive there, it’s about 35 minutes by car from here.

Some bear photos below:

another bear (1 of 1).jpg

Fairy bear (1 of 1)
We think this is meant to be a fairy bear
Stephen on walkway (1 of 1).jpg
Stephen on the walkway at Kent Street Weir. We didn’t stop for long on the bridge as it was harder to distance ourselves from other people.

Stephenand tree (1 of 1).jpg

the river best (1 of 1).jpg
From the dirt track section of the walk close to sunset.



2 thoughts on “Bear Hunting

  1. Sounds like you are still enjoying getting out for walks.. does get complicated with more than 2.. We found in Kings Park today that Channel 9 was filming us when our ‘pairs’ met for one second to say goodbye at the end of a ‘paired’ walking group!! Watch tonight to see us perhaps!

    1. Creepy! We will watch out for you.

      Stephen didn’t want me to come over to meet with you for a walk, so I haven’t. As well as being responsible for ourselves we feel responsible for each other’s safety.

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