Urban Beach Camping

We’ve had a warm weekend and Saturday night was just right for watching the sunset at Pinaroo Point.

PP parking (1 of 1).jpg

After watching the sunset, then walking along the path we came back to the van and heated up leftovers (sausage stew in tomato sauce, yum) for tea. We were relaxing and noticed more and more noise.

PP walk to beach (1 of 1).jpg
The path down to the beach at Pinaroo Point.
PP sea weed on beach (1 of 1).jpg
The tides are coming much further up the beach than we are used to, leaving it messy with seaweed.
PP the looming cloud (1 of 1).jpg
There was a controlled burnoff in the distance towards the north.
PP the looming cloud closer (1 of 1).jpg
A zoomed in shot of the cloud.
PP i'm coming (1 of 1).jpg
Kids were playing at the edge of the water and there were lots of boats, but no one actually swimming.
PP fast and slow (1 of 1).jpg
Speed boat and canoe
PP threading (1 of 1).jpg
Fisher folk tend to look very serious.
PP wave flower (1 of 1).jpg
It was one of those intensely gold sunsets, with spray catching the light.
PP hiking the waves at sunset (1 of 1).jpg
Wearing a sunhat and backpack this paddle boarder looked like he was hiking the saves.
PP pastel colours (1 of 1).jpg
After the sun had set the beach, clouds and water looked beautiful with pastel colouring.
PP branch (1 of 1).jpg
We walked north from the car park after sunset.
PP children 1 (1 of 1).jpg
Silhouette of children – almost as if they had posed for this shot and the one at the top of this post.

There were about five campervans lined up with several young men having a party. It may have been less than 10 people but they were talking and kicking a soccer ball about and it sounded quite fun, for them. Not so much for us as we were worried that the police might come and ask them to leave. We might have been asked to leave as well. They had also lit a campfire – thus making the car park into an obvious camp ground. Normally vans that park at PP overnight are very discreet.

At about 8.30 we decided we’d had enough, we packed up a bit, and moved down the coast a little way to Whitfords Nodes car park. We have spent a night there once before. It was mostly quiet, but it is rather brightly lit. We needed the windows open, but had to contend with the lights shining in. It was cold at around 12.00, but warmer towards dawn. We cuddled under the doona for a while, then were much too hot, so just used our beautiful quilt. It is ideal in more humid weather as it’s made of natural, breathing materials.

PP whitford nodes overnight parkup (1 of 1).jpg

We woke up to a warm and sunny morning. We had some partial shade from the peppermints at first, nevertheless our solar system was working, charging up the battery. After a very leisurely morning of starter cups of tea, morning washes/showers and breakfast, we went for a walk down to the beach.

At about 10.30 we headed off to meet with Eversley at Empire Village, City Beach. There is a shopping centre with many cafes facing a beautiful shaded park. We bought a takeaway breakfast (the first time we have had takeaway food in coronavirus times) and set up with our own table and chairs near our cars. Eversley had a golden Honda for so many years that we don’t recognise her new white Toyota Yaris and we quite by chance parked right next to her car. We sat talking for quite a while before going our separate ways.

Once home I had a rest, then afternoon tea, then tackled unpacking the van. We unloaded the whole of the storage area and several cupboards to make way for the workman. It was quite tiring in the humid conditions. We have ended up with a very untidy house and a very tidy van.

This morning we got up and dropped the van off at Ken Peachy Caravans. I drove there in the van and Stephen picked me up. Jason came out to see me and we did the handover outside. I had to wait a bit for Stephen to arrive and they invited me in, but actually it was fine waiting in the open air. The electrician is off today so we are not sure exactly when the work will happen.

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  1. Yes it was a specially warm and friendly weekend, before the first ‘winter’ storms.. but I’ll be back to Beecroft Park in City Beach soon… to be recommended while ‘no cafes’ open… you could be forgiven for forgetting it when you come here..

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