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On Thursday I found out that when we collect an online order for Click and Collect we don’t have to go to the counter inside the shopping centre, but can pick it up from the loading bay. You reverse the car to the door and they actually load the shopping into it! There is nothing on the website that spells this out, it must have been my homemade mask and the gloves that made the shop assistant mention it. Obviously paranoid.

This is incredibly handy in these times. I find the online orders for click and collect are better than delivery because it’s free, we only have to spend $50 minimum, and the shopping is available for pickup the next day. We mostly get what we have ordered and they provide intelligent substitutes. I’m probably the last person to find out about the pickup, which makes me feel pretty silly. Still, it’s so good to know that I’ve overcome it!

With the easing of restrictions here in WA they have lifted the ban on camping in national parks. There are two places in our Perth/Peel region – up at Yanchep or down to Dwellingup. We have been wanting a night away and have been waiting for Stephen to finish a singing project. It was finished on Friday afternoon. After thinking it through, we decided that Dwellingup is too far for a one nighter and Yanchep looked pretty busy with only four sites left. So, Pinaroo Point it is. Not a national park, but close to home and free.

We arrived here at about 12.30 p.m. and it is warmer than I was expecting. We have been cold in the house the last few days. I didn’t bring my bathers, but it at least saves me having to wonder whether getting everything wet is worth it. We’ve had lunch and afternoon tea so far, staying mostly in the van. There is a light breeze, which is helping us to be comfortable.

Our van is booked in on Monday to have the 12volt power system upgraded with two new batteries and an inverter. If all goes well. I checked on the roof to see if we could fit another solar panel up there, but all the roof real estate is taken up with stuff.

Thus we support a local business. Mind you, caravan repair places probably don’t lack customers as we all prepare hopefully for our winter travels. We go north in winter as it’s the only time when temperatures are bearable outdoors. But I like the south in winter as well – it is very scenic in the colder weather with rain and mist and everything very green.

Stephen’s project was to record himself singing his part for a choir peice which will be put together by the WASO chorus master. It has taken him two weeks of practice and quite a few recordings to come up with something he is fairly happy with. In the meantime I went a little crazy and had to resort to going out to the van to get away from the endless repetition. However, I did help him with setting up the tripod and holder for his iphone for recording.


He was listening to a piano recording and I had to switch on the iphone and switch on the recording for him as he concentrated on the singing. He said he never got to the stage of being absolutely happy with one of the ‘takes’ but he ran out of time and had to upload it reguardless. Thank goodness!

We needed a new cylinder for our Sodastream and took a walk over to the shopping centre to buy the replacement. We swap the old for the new. This is only our second replacement cylinder so far and it really has helped to have an almost endless supply of sparkling water over the summer months.

Just another couple of cloudscapes from our evening walk.


The apartment block behind our house. They’ve added the orange sculpture since the lockdown, and despite many people moving into the building I still think it looks forlorn with the pub closed. I’m looking forward to it reopening even if it does mean a lot of noise at the end of the night when they take out the rubbish and throw it (from a great distance it seems) into the bins.


















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