Day 18: Toodyay to Home Base

The featured photo shows us using the ‘power from above’ as it says in our song. Stephen still worries about using power from our batteries and I have to keep reminding him that when we use electrical appliances we are using renewable power from our solar. We can’t use an induction cooktop with our inverter, but this inexpensive little hotplate works well. It takes a while to cool down after switching off, which is a benefit on a cold morning. The benefit of using electric applicances is also that we lose less of our limited kitchen bench space than we do using the two burner gas hob.

We had a slightly challenging drive home along Toodyay Road to Roe Highway. It winds around a lot and we were having squally showers and going a bit slow for other traffic. We pulled off a couple of times to let vehicles pass as there was only one passing lane in 80 kms.

We were able to have lunch before doing most of the unpacking.

This morning (Wednesday 1st July) I’ve been catching up on tasks, such as getting an access code for Matt’s NDIS plan and making an appointment to see my mother tomorrow. The NDIS call was quite involved as I can only link my mygov account to it, not Matthew’s. Still, I can now see how money he was allocated, quite a lot really. His good life, despite the severe disabilities, costs a great deal of public money. I’m very grateful, especially as he is generally happy and positive in incredibly trying circumstances. It would not be possible without the money.

We’ve booked our van in for it’s first warranty service. It will cost nearly $1,000. George Day Caravans agreed to pay for it when we bought the van six months ago. Stephen is working on getting at least some refund from them. The salesman made a mistake about the hot water system, telling us it was a Combi 4E which includes space heating, whereas it is merely a hot water system. We would still have bought the van, but didn’t find out his mistake until we picked up the van about a month later.

I’ve done all of our clothes washing, plus our towells. Still need to wash the bed linen. We don’t have our next trip planned yet, but we are eager to keep making short trips away and it will soon be the wildflower season.

I’ve sent off a few queries to the person now looking after Matt’s group home, including asking if she can organise transport for Matt to come to lunch on Saturday. He is not yet allowed to travel by taxi and it means about two hours spent transporting him to and from his house for the staff. Waiting on an answer.

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