Southern Escape: Albany Wednesday and Thursday

We’ve been looking at weather forecasts for the southern region and have decided to stay here until Sunday when it should be cooler in other regions. Albany maximums will be in the low 30s, and given the wind will probably feel cooler.

We went to Emu Point yesterday, firstly to meet with Kim, a former colleague of Stephen and now our friend for a catch-up. It is six years since his girlfriend died and he has a new love who lives in Australia. In 2019 he visited her for months at a time, but for 2020 they have had a virtual relationship with romantic meetings online. Like us, he has been taking little trips around WA this year, and is considering whether to get some sort of RV for travel here when his love is able to come. As he is almost 20 years older than her they have different needs for comfort.

After an enjoyable lunch with him at the Emu Point Cafe we stayed for the rest of the day. On our walk along the bay we found a fish and chip cafe where we shared a meal.

Then back to the golf links for the evening. We secured a different spot which had lots of sun for charging batteries, then increasing shade to keep the van from getting too hot. Perfect. We don’t know if we will be this lucky tonight.

This morning we took care of the usual chores, emptying some containers and filling others. Then a visit to the museum was Stephen’s choice and I enjoyed a photographic exhibition, which was excellent and well worth the visit.

Afterwards we went to Middleton Beach, which was not at all what we expected. They are doing some repairs, upgrades and the lawn is mostly dead. This resulted in us getting a huge amount of sand coming into the van through the fly wire door before we realised. After lunch we relocated to a spot over the road. We still have a view, but are sheltered from the sand and noise of machinery.

Pelican at Emu Point
All of the devices I can run from our solar/batteries/inverter system. One at a time, of course. Plus a single burner electric hot plate. The coffee machine will only work if the batteries are full and we are getting 6-7 amps of charge.
Seal at the boat harbour, Emu Point
Little cruise ship
Parked up for the day on the point of Emu Point.
On our evening walk
Fish and Chips, Emu Point
The Amity.
Emu Point

We’ve been amazed at what happened in the USA, including the ‘spin’ by conservative media that it was the leftist Antifa, pretending to be Trump supporters, who stormed the Capitol. Really, they’ve made themselves a laughing stock and no country will ever allow them to lecture about democracy again.

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