Southern Escape: Another 24 hours in Albany

The movie, The Dry, was really, really good. It is based on a novel, with a complex storyline and everything winding up with everything explained at the end. There was strong acting and a number of sympathetic characters. Very well worthwhile. We were able to spend time in the cafe before the movie which meant most of the afternoon in airconditioning.

I was feeling uplifted at the end and proposed that we go down to Emu Point before heading back to where we are staying. The sunset was worth waiting for and we had our meal there before heading back to our campsite. We had left all of the hoses/cords to be reattached to the van to make it a bit easier. Not something you would do at a caravan park, but it felt safe on private property.

I did the dishes whilst Stephen worked outside, then did some handwashing to hang on our hosts’ clothesline. Although it was cloudy and cool overnight things still dried quite well and were ready by the time we left. Our host said we could leave as late as we wished in the morning.

By the time we were ready to leave I was having thinking that living in our campervan was quite hard work. In addition, we went to the dump point near the cinema as I am wanting the toilet to last a couple of days before I need to empty it again. There are public toilets close to where we are camping which takes the pressure off.

We’ve come back to Frenchman’s Bay, this time to spend the night. By the time we spent the afternoon relaxing with our books/videos I realised that all the work was worth it. The van is parked in the same position overlooking the bay and we have a wonderful view. There are a few other vans around as well which is fairly comforting, it seems a normal thing to do to stay overnight.

About 4.30 we went for a walk towards the Whaling Station which is less than 2 kms away. There are steps down to the beach, then a lovely walk around the bay. If we get tired of being in the van tomorrow we could walk over there for a coffee.

Today has been cloudy and occasionally rainy, but I would much rather have the cooler weather even if it means clouds and rain after the hot weather we had for a couple of days. Our batteries are well charged and I hope we get enough sun tomorrow to keep them charged up. It would be nice to have a second night here.

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