Southern Escape: Paradise

We’ve had a lovely time here, walking on the ‘back beach’ towards the Whaling Station last night, walking that way again this morning to visit the cafe (again, as in the past, finding it disappointingly noisy and uncomfortable, but the walk was worth it). Our last walk for our stay here was this evening on our main beach. We found a little spring and some children also pointed out a stingray that was gliding fairly close into shore.

It was cloudy again this morning when we woke up, but then we’ve had sunshine for the rest of the day. It was chilly overnight last night and may be even colder tonight as it is clear. We enjoy snuggling together under the doona.

We have a couple of near neighbours. One is a man and dog in a van who camped in the clear space to our left. This evening another van arrived with people from Victoria. They assured us that they have completed the quarantine and had negative tests before being allowed to travel to Albany from Perth. I’ve suggested that they have our space tomorrow as we need to leave to get our new tyres put on the front of the van.

We have a few other tasks, I want to go to a laundromat to wash a good load of clothes and our towels and face flannels. I have to add my shoes to that list as a sea gull shat on one of them whilst I was taking video of the stingray. Very naughty of it, but if it had to be anywhere I prefer it on a shoe that can be washed in a washing machine. I washed it in the sea at the time.

We have run out of salads and food for evening meals and must go to a supermarket again. Plus normal stuff of emptying tanks and filling up with water. The plan is to head towards Denmark tomorrow after everything is done. We will try for a spot at Cosy Corner on the way, but it is a designated camping area with limited places, so we are not sure if we will get a spot. If not, we will travel on to Denmark.

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