Southern Escape: The last day and the day after

We took our time getting up and having our washes and breakfast. We felt relaxed about leaving and didn’t feel we had to get away quickly. It was cool and partly cloudy, and I took a few photos, including of some bugs for Stephen.

I suggested we go to the Dome for a full breakfast for lunch. On the way we stopped at the lookout tower and this time Stephen took the stairs to the top.

Bunbury Lookout Tower

The Dome is in a newish development on Dolphin Bay. The dolphins didn’t stand much chance as there were speedboats giving rides to kids in doughnuts on the water. Our table was in an atrium, well sheltered, but away from the main noise of the cafe. Our breakfast arrived so quickly that it caught us by surprise, shared between us it was enough for two quite large meals, at least for us.

We drove up the Forest Highway as the quickest and safest route home. The van really hums along at 100 kms per hour. At one stage I was a little sleepy and Stephen took to wheel to the John Tognela Rest Area, a gorgeous smelling place because of the pine trees. We had a good rest, followed by a cup of tea. I wanted to stay the night, but knew we didn’t have far to go and was feeling refreshed. We made one more little stop at one of the ‘services’ for fuel and toilets.

Once home, Stephen now helps with sorting out the food from the van. This really takes the edge off unpacking. After some work we went around the corner to the Pachi Patchi cafe for orange beef, salad and rice for tea. When we got back we were tired, but still feeling happy from the trip.

Today we are feeling rather under par, Stephen worse than me, he said it feels like he’s coming down with a virus. We got some things done, me all of the washing and a bit more unpacking, and Stephen is now taking an interest in photos and videos of the trip. We want to make a video using photos and videos to complement the blog.

I’ve also rung up Matt’s house about Saturday, speaking with him briefly, but basically letting staff know the pickup time. Tin, the taxi driver, has worked out the logistics of picking him up, then us, then getting us out to the Gosnells Hotel. Matt’s new taxi voucher book hadn’t arrive and staff have followed up and re ordered a new one. It should be here in time for his next visit home.

I’ve already defrosted the van fridge, emptied the toilet cassette and washed all of the towels, etc. There is still the bedding to be done, but as I’ve also washed all of our dirty clothes I feel it’s enough for today. We have really appreciated the cool weather here in Perth, especially as another heat wave is coming.

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