3 nights at Pinaroo Point

Last week we decided to take a mini break at Pinaroo Point, leaving on Thursday. We weren’t sure how we would go with wearing masks outside, but we are mostly used to it, just don’t always remember!

During the week we received word that Stephen’s cousin had died and the funeral would be held at Pinaroo Cemetary on Thursday. It fitted in with our plans. The funeral was held at the same place as her husband’s, not that long ago it seems. For the family it was difficult because one of their siblings had died first, then the father, then the mother. I felt quite sad afterwards and it meant the early part of our stay here was tinged with sorrow. If it was like that for me, who only went to two of the three funerals, I could only imagine how bad it was for the immediate family who were losing close family members.

Anyway, we have stayed. Yesterday and today we went swimming soon after breakfast and I have had cold showers, washing my hair, in the ablutions block here at Pinaroo Point. That was good yesterday when they had just been cleaned, not quite as nice this morning with some graffiti and rubbish left. There was an interesting large stick insect type creature in the shower cubicle as well, but it didn’t move at all, thank goodness.

We really enjoyed the swims and this morning’s was really lovely as we had left it late enough for there to be other swimmers as well, which made us feel safer. Until I put on my snorkel and found there were small jellyfish in the water. Another swimmer, who was covered neck to toe in black with mask and snorkel, also noticed them. Although I went back in briefly it did make me cautious. Lots of people stayed in the water and didn’t report stings.

On Friday morning we packed up and drove to Mullaloo Beach where we had morning tea at the Dome and lunch in the van. Then we drove back to Pinaroo Point and tried to find some shade. The shade didn’t actually come our way, but as it wasn’t hot we were comfortable enough. I cooked up a one pot meal of mince, various vegetables and rice. There are two meals left over from the cookup..

Today (Saturday) the morning has been hot, but there is a sea breeze now (at 12.00) and a bit of cloud. Also, we are parked under a peppermint tree where we have a bit of shade. We noticed yesterday that this spot had some shade all afternoon and when it was vacated late yesterday we moved in. We are still getting some solar, enough for me to dry my hair anyway. There is also a bit of cloud coming in.

The cloud meant we had some colourful sunset photos. After an evening walk we took a rug down to the beach to enjoy the show. Still wearing masks as the deadline was just after midnight.

It was a warm, still night and we used the fan to make it more comfortable.

Our final day was Sunday. It was cloudy and I didn’t fancy swimming as there were likely to be stingers in the water again. I just had a paddle. We packed up and drove home at around 10.00 a.m. The temperature was forecast to be 36 degrees even at the beach and we were glad in a way that the weather was against us staying longer as we had to get home for other things. Stephen had a rehearsal in the early afternoon and Matt was coming to visit in the evening.

Three nights and two days at the beach were definitely worth it. We felt very healthy and relaxed when we arrived home, although Stephen had to get ready for his rehearsal after helping with unpacking.

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