To the North: the Road to Port Hedland

This morning we left our beautiful site at the Barn Hill Caravan Park and drove about 200 kms to Sandfire Roadhouse. It is only $20 per night for an unpowered site and we were able to choose a spot in deep shade. We are feeling very happy because for the first time our battery levels went into float, well above 14 just on solar and charging whilst driving. We think the good solar energy of the previous two days, has had this result. Of course, as we found before whether on power or not, the batteries go down to about 13.3 after sunset and I know from the battery management app we had on power that this is considered a safe level. Staying very high could result in damage.

We had pizza for tea on our first night at BH station and a live music session from a very good young singer. Mostly ballads and country and western, but she sang for over two hours without repeats, which is quite something. If we wished for anything, it would have been for her to drop the country and western style for a song or two so that we could really hear what her voice is like.

The pizzas are cooked at the ‘homestead’ and ferried over to the social area at regular intervals. Our was booked for 6.45 and arrived on time. It was exceptionally tasty, with a crisp crust. The next day we had coffee and a vanilla slice at the cafe, not the best we’ve ever had, but we had been for a long walk on the beach and it was very welcome. The internet was best around the cafe area, but our second campsite was fairly close by and sometimes we had good internet and sometimes nothing at all.

In the afternoons it was quite hot in the sun, but we sat outside in the shade with a cool breeze and it was relaxing and comfortable. We took a walk to a nearby lookout on Sunday morning, as well as booking our tickets for the Nanga Music Festival.

We had our Facetime session with Matt at 4.00 p.m. on Sunday and we were able to see him fairly clearly. We used the open air toilets (private with walls but no roof) and Stephen also had a shower there. As we had water I showered in our tiny bathroom. I have a method that works and leaves me feeling clean and shiny.

Later on Sunday evening we went for a walk so that I could photograph the interesting rock formations at sunset.

Tomorrow morning at 9.30 a.m. there is to be a meeting with the hospice team for them to assess how Mum is doing. We will stick around to hear from Marie about the outcome and can make the decision about a fast or slow drive home. We are still about 2,000 kms from Perth.

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