COVID journey update Saturday 3rd December, 2022

Yesterday we had an excited FaceTime call from Matt as he was just about to leave his room. He had a negative RAT and was therefore released from isolation. He and his support worker cooked up some lunch to take out with him. They then drove a van into town for coffee, lunch and people watching.

Matt enjoying the mild weather outside of the Museum in Perth

Stephen, on the other hand, was still confined as he wanted to wait until Saturday (today) to do a RAT with the idea that it is more likely to register negative the later he leaves it.

Both have been on antiviral medication, Matt on Paxlovid as he doesn’t have to worry about the drug interacting with medications (basically he doesn’t take anything that isn’t available at a pharmacy without a script), but Stephen was prescribed the alternative as he takes a variety of medications for heart and prostrate problems.

I’ve dismantled my couch setup in the Sherwood and put things away so that she is ready to be driven. A couple of days ago I moved her slightly out of the car bay to wash the Hilux. It had lots of dirt from getting dusty, then rain making the dust look even worse. The habitation part looks OK unless you inspect very closely. I discovered that the portion of the roof that is under the bed extension has a very narrow section that will be hard to clean. I’ve decided to wait until we do a drive through clean of the whole van to tackle it.

I’ll post an update when we know the result of Stephen’s test. He is feeling quite good and looking forward to getting back into his normal busy life.

UPDATE: Sadly Stephen’s test this morning is still positive. And he has confessed to still feeling that he wants to lie in bed today. So, he’s better, but not yet well.

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