Day 3: Kendenup to Lake Nunijup

Saturday 31st December, 2022 and Sunday 1st January, 2023

We packed up and left a little late from our camp at Kendenup. They have a water tap where you can fill up your tank and drinking water containers and we took advantage of that before heading off. Stephen had been doing some research in the area and found a couple of lakeside camping spots. We’ve chosen the nearest one for our New Years Eve overnight.

It’s about 24kms from Kendenup, so it only took us about 20 minutes to get here. We looked around and took what we thought was a good spot with views of the lake. Later, we began to be surrounded by other campers, some chatting noisily, so moved over to the other side of the campground. We still have views of the lake, but just from further away.

We took a little walk along a road/firebreak in the evening and were pleased to find that it had lake views, as far as we went anyway. There were a few wildflowers.

We had two evening meals of leftover curried mince which we enjoyed at Narrogin and Kenderton. Last night was the first actual cooking and I took advantage of our big 3 burner stove top to cook vegetarian chicken schnitzels and mashed potato. We had salad and some small loaf ends. We watched the ABC news and some other videos whilst having grapes, herbal teas and chocolate. Perfect!

It turned out to be a really smart to move as some young people congregated close to the toilets, all talking/shouting at each other. We were far enough away that it was a dull sound, rather than annoying.

This morning Stephen reported that he heard the countdown to midnight, but I was asleep at the time. When you consider how many people were here last night the noise level wasn’t too bad.

The last couple of days have been overcast, but we are not complaining as the temperature is cool and pleasant. I’ve taken some photos, but still not feeling that I’m getting good shots, just documenting things.

We don’t have much drinking water left, but I used a chemical sanitiser for our tank water before we left home, it is supposed to render the water safe to drink and we therefore think we can extend our stay another night as we have enough food. We have flushing toilets here, which relieves pressure on our toilet and it will be good for another night, given that we mostly don’t use it during the day.

A rather glamorous house across the lake. I felt like a paparazzi, but it is the house that it is interesting. There are quite a few farms around the lake and its great that they’ve set up this area with camping facilities and a boat ramp for people to enjoy. We noticed last night that it is mostly locals coming here.
A few wildflowers on our evening walk

single flower
After sunset

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