Day 2: Narrogin to Tendenup

Friday 30th December, 2022

Yesterday we did quite a long day of driving after visiting the centenary park in Narrogin. The main aim was to get out the heat. We made a few stops along the way, using public toilets, etc. just to break it up. Stephen did not feel up to doing any driving, so it was all up to me.

In Katanning we got fuel and bought some lunch to take out to Lake Ewlymartup. Our thinking was that the wind might be coming off the lake and therefore a bit cooler. But no, it was even hotter. We had a rest after lunch, parked in the shade with the engine running and the air conditioner on. It’s surprising to us how well the house cools down, given that the cold air has to travel through the opening from the dashboard to the rear.

Eventually as we were approaching Cranbrook it began to cool down, dropping by 1 degree at a time, then a more dramatic drop by Cranbrook. We felt we had driven far enough south and after a bit of a diversion to Sukey’s Lookout we made it to Kendenup Nature Based Camp. We stayed here last year and already knew that there was only a $5 difference between powered and unpowered site costs, so opted for powered. It think we didn’t quite trust that the weather was cool.

I felt tired when we arrived and made a coffee and relaxed for awhile until dinner time. Stephen got caught up with a neighbour who wanted a long chat. He had a bit of a rant about people who have a university education. I asked Stephen if he had disclosed his educational status and he said he did, so the neighbour made an exception in his case.

We used 4WD for the first time on the gravel road to Sukey’s Lookout. It made us feel safer, but I can’t say I felt a noticeable difference. I remembered to take it out of 4WD before getting back on the paved road.

We were told we were sharing a space with a campervan and it came home very noisily just after we went to bed. They parked just in front of us, there was plenty of room behind, but their power cord might have been a bit short. Anyway, they left early and I was able to see that it was a rather beaten up old van.

There are nicer places to camp here if you don’t need power, so we plan to take that option if we come back here again. Unless we need power for some reason.

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