East Bay Campground

This turned out to be an unexpectedly beautiful place to be. We had all sorts of weather, including a very windy night last night, predictable as we had put out our awning for the first time yesterday morning, with the help of our neighbour, and then I was so anxious in the night that we brought it in again at about 1.00 a.m. this morning!

The campground was otherwise located in quite a sheltered spot with a very steep road in. Further around the bay it was much more windy. Just opposite us was ideal for swimming as the waves were never really rough and the water was shallow for quite a way out. Somehow it didn’t leave us feeling sticky and too salty and other campers were using the sea water for bathing.

Our camping spot overlooked the beach and as we reversed in we could take advantage of our living room windows to enjoy the views. We enjoyed swimming, little walks, chatting with our neighbours, seeing dolphins, being entertained by a fire dancer, and a lightning/thunderstorm.

The family next to us was a couple with three daughters, all pre teens we think. They played boardgames a lot as there was so little internet. We had the frustrating experience of having notifications and emails download, but not being able to upload anything or stream shows. I found I had quite a few books downloaded on my ipad, this proved quite enough for me even though it means rereading books.

We were impressed that the family of five had a small campervan and made it accommodate all of them. One child slept in the pop top roof, two inside the van and the parents had a double swag tent. They lived outside the majority of the time with the father appearing to do most of the cooking. They all seemed to get on very well, though I overheard the father giving very clear guidelines on playing boardgames together (there will be winners and losers, it’s just a game, etc.). He sounded like a firm but kind teacher.

After three nights there and filling up our toilet we have come to Cheynes Beach Caravan Park to do washing and have a reset. The drop toilet at East Bay was initially quite dirty and unattractive. After about a day someone cleaned it up and this morning a truck came to clean the bottom out. Not a pleasant job, but it makes a difference.

I have a lot of photos and video to process, but have prepared just a few for this blog.

the view up the hill from our Cheynes Beach campsite
We were planning to go further east to Cape Riche tomorrow, but this might be a reason to change our plans as it is affecting the road we would be travelling on.

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