Days 10 and 11 – Rose Gardens Caravan Park to Little Beach Store

Yesterday we did nothing in particular until it was time to head out for an evening performance of Twelfth Night. After Friday when there were rain squalls and strong winds it was quite a change to mostly clear skies and very little wind on Saturday. Perfect for an open air performance. This was taken early on before lots of people arrived. Still, there was plenty of space for more.

It was an excellent production, a young cast who made the most of the comedy and added local and contemporary touches here and there. It was a lot of fun in an absolutely gorgeous setting. Of course, by the end we were all rugged up with shawls and woolly hats, as you would expect. But, it wasn’t unpleasant.

We had some snack food with us, but also shared a cold meat and cheese toastie Italian style, really good. And later, hot chocolates.

It was about 30 kms away from our caravan park and I was a bit worried about the drive home in the dark. However, I was on a high from the play and found it fairly easy. A lot of people had left by the time we were on the road so I wasn’t holding up a long line of traffic as we drove at about 70kms, keeping an eye out for kangaroos.

The public golf links is out on this road and we noticed that it had dropped off Wikicamps as a place to stay. We have found it quite convenient in the past. We called in on our way out to the Whaling Station to find out what had happened. Apparently it became so popular that they decided not to allow it to continue on Wikicamps. However, we can still stay there. They just want the keep the numbers down. That’s great news, just what we wanted to hear. We don’t need it for the moment, but might later in our time here in/near Albany.

This morning we got up at about the usual time as we had lots to do before heading out to camping spots east of Albany. There are quite a lot to choose from, but each has only a few camping spaces, so we are hoping we can be lucky with our first choice. As well as emptying and filling up with water we had to get fuel and do a little shopping. Fortunately there were options along our route.

Then we were in search of a cafe for lunch and found this delightful little place. There is an animal park for kids, plus a nice cafe. There was a sign saying that the chefs were ill and the kitchen wasn’t open, but fortunately it is still operating as a cafe. We had toasties and hot drinks, just what we hoped for.

As part of our preparation for going a bit remote we contacted Matt on Facetime this morning and had a short chat. We don’t know if we will have a signal in the evening and wanted to make sure we saw him. He got a bit distracted because someone had brought them a large coffee from a nearby cafe and he could hardly wait.

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