Day 9 – Cosy Corner East to Emu Point

We were fairly relaxed yesterday morning as we didn’t really have to leave, according to our parking app, until the afternoon. So we went through packing up our our outdoor stuff at our leisure and actually were leaving by about 11.00 a.m.

Our toilet announced it was full first thing in the morning, without prior warning, so I trolleyed it over to the dump point immediately. After that, we didn’t have to worry as the caravan park has a dump point. In fact, our spot is opposite the dump point, very convenient.

On the way here we went to the IGA and bought food for a couple of days. We plan to move east of Albany to try out some campsites and will shop again before we go. We can probably last four nights with regard to our tanks and drinking water, if we are careful and by buy a few extra litres of drinking water.

The caravan park is very full at the moment and the toilets/showers get mucky quite quickly. Therefore we will continue to use our own bathroom and toilet some of the time whilst we are here.

The location is lovely, within a short walk of the beach, of course, and went for a walk around last night, despite the fact that it turned windy. wet and cold. I kept my shorts on, but added my rain jacket. The rain was very light and at one point when a squall came in we sheltered under a tree which kept us completely dry.

We explored options for an evening meal. There was supposed to be a food truck in the caravan park, but that didn’t happen. We walked to the nearby sporting club, which does meals on Friday night, but it was extremely busy and we didn’t like our chances. Fortunately we asked someone who told us about a food truck doing Mexican meals at the nearby motel. It was less than 500 metres away and although we had to wait about 30 minutes the food was worth it. We came back to the Sherwood to eat out of the weather.

During the afternoon we did our washing, two loads, one of clothes and one of our towels, etc. It felt very satisfying when it was all done. We used the dryer of course as we didn’t feel we could rely on getting the washing dry on the line.

View from the lookout at Cosy Corner East
Path at Emu Point

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