Sherwood Diary: Day 8 Moodini Bluff RA to Eucla

We did it again! At Eucla caravan park we couldn’t resist camping on the rather sloping part with the best view down to the ocean. It took some time to get level, but eventually we managed it. I had to rush off to do the washing so that it would have a chance to be dry by the evening even before we levelled up. There are no dryers here, so we have to peg everything out. At least things will be really fresh.

There is a road out to the Old Telegraph Station

We had lunch at Mundrabilla and also made a stop to put up the drone. I did a couple of flyovers of the roof which show that the mud did not extend as far as the closest solar panel. Oddly, though the air conditioner is clearly affected, as we can see from the ground, the roof appears clear.

We had dinner at the motel restaurant before coming back to listen to podcasts and music. Stephen had a shower before dinner and I had one just before bed. We pay extra for the showers, $1 for 8 minutes, but the fee for camping is only $30 so it seems reasonable as this whole area is very dry. We have power of course.

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