Sherwood Diary: We’ve arrived in Adelaide, but first we had an overnight at Parham

At Parham Campground

We are staying in the Adelaide Showground Caravan Park, just south of the CBD. There is very good public transport from here, but I’ve downloaded the Uber app for getting back from nighttime rehearsals and shows. On our way here we went to the place where the rehearsals are held, just to see if it was possible to drive there and back, but the traffic defeated me, and although it is only 5kms from here I think it will be the bus from the city to get there and then Uber for coming home.

We had a lovely night last night at a campground in Parham. It is on the gulf with the very large tidal movements, so not exactly the seaside. There was quite a lot of cloud and rain showers as well. But, we enjoyed it for what it was, taking a walk along the sand that disappears later as the tide comes in.

This campground is $20 per night for a powered site, with flushing toilets and a good camp kitchen, so really good value for money. There are unpowered sites for $15, but given how cloudy it is we felt that we wanted power. It is only about 25kms from Mallara, so not enough of a distance to really charge up the batteries. We also stopped at Dublin to visit Bec’s Cafe for coffee and apple slice.

The beach yesterday evening
The tide is in and all of the sand is covered
The sea with the tide out this morning. Someone has driven out there, looking to do some crabbing perhaps.

Today was the final push into Adelaide. Although the CBD is quite small, like Perth, the suburbs are spralling and the traffic seems much worse. I was relieved to get to our campsite. We’ve introduced a bit of a lean to the van to make sure that any showers do not result in water coming inside. Apart from that we’ve plugged into electricity and that is all to set ourselves up.

After lunch and a rest we walked about 500m to a local supermarket (very upmarket and just what we need for our stay) for a few essentials. We also had coffee and tiny lamingtons in their cafe section. They have lots of pre prepared meals and hot soups available, you serve yourself, but the cafe section is handy, if rather like being at Macdonalds.

Our caravan park is unique in that checkin consists of driving up to a gate and entering the code they’ve sent you. We can also use the code for coming in the pedestrian gate. There are two camp kitchen/shower/toilet and laundry blocks and a dump point. The sites are large and rather bare, but they have plant boxes at the back of the sites to give a bit of green and privacy.

To go into the city we can catch a bus, a tram or a train. I wonder what will win out tomorrow. We can use our seniors cards to get two week concession passes, which are enough for our stay here. We have to pay after 3.00 p.m., but can do so using paypass. The laundry also allows for paypass, no need to have lots of coins.

I cooked a lentil curry last night, so we will have the leftovers for our tea tonight.

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