Sherwood Diary: Diesel RA to Woorlba Homestead RA

Wednesday 31st May, 2023

We enjoyed being at the Diesel RA in the morning and we think we left at about 10.00 a.m. At Cocklebiddy we were able to get some water for the tank, just 20 litres, but that is likely all we use for one night. Their egg and bacon toastie was served a bit less graciously than at Mundrabilla but was still welcome at that stage in the morning. We also ran into another Sherwood and spoke with the owner for a while. They also wanted to get some water. Always nice to happen. They are heading west as well.

In the Cocklebiddy dining room

When we set up the Dishy we have the cable coming through the window behind Stephen. We do need a dedicated port, but that will have to wait until we get back to Perth. At Streaky Bay I got a shock because a mouse had run up the cable and was poised to come inside. My shriek scared it off fortunately. Since then Stephen likes to have the gap between the blind and the insect screen taped up. A good idea as it has been warmer for a couple of days with more likelihood of insects coming in. Streaky Bay still has a mouse plague and you could often see them, or at least catch the movement out of the corner of your eye.

Last night I left the Starlink on overnight to see whether the battery system could cope. It was OK, with the BMV-712 reporting that it went down to 81%. However, going on the voltage reading it was more like about 50%. Things have charged up today.

Today in the late afternoon it became darker and darker with grey clouds coming in. We know that some wet weather is forecast and have therefore tilted the van to allow for runoff. We arrived just before sunset and it was pretty dark by the time we finished, hence no photos.

There are a lot of campers at this rest area, likely because it is a designated 24hr stopping place. There are trucks parked up in the bay at the front and caravans and campers are spread out through the bush.

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